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Hear what people are saying about Tim:

"I met Tim a few short years ago. Tim leaves a lasting impression on anyone he comes into contact with because he is honest and an all around good person. When you need motivation or guidance I highly recommend anyone to Tim." Megann Carlisle- HR Professional Birmingham,AL

"We had the privilege of having Timothy at our church and the people absolutely loved his delivery. I highly recommend bringing him in for your next event." CJ Anderson- Entrepreneur & Pastor - Birmingham,AL


"Tim has been gifted with an ability to speak across cultural lines and is keenly aware of the issues facing people in their day to day life." Larry Ragland - Pastor of Solid Rock Church, Birmingham, AL
" I have had the distinct pleasure of being moved by Tim. He consistently connects with people on all socio-economic levels, it's evident that Tim is genuinely moved to "speak life" to this generation."Sean Daigre - Pastor of High Hopes Church Atlanta, GA
"The beauty of Timothy's approach is, even in a crowded room you feel as if he's only speaking to you. What appears as normal conversation, ends up becoming a valuable life lesson." Nickolas Fletcher MBA- Leadership Coach
"Timothy's messages are real and relatable. He cares about people not only financially, but emotionally, and physically as well." Kimberly Nicholson- Author & Motivational Speaker

"Tim has a creative ability to translate his talk to multiple audiences and make it applicable to whoever he's speaking to."

Corey Kunz- Corporate Forecaster Birmingham,.AL

"He is very inspirational and articulate. He knows how to get the points needed across by connecting with the audience, and he also has a gift of boosting morale." Cherita Lane -Business Professional