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Discovering your niche can be a fun and exciting process for any leader or entrepreneur. On the same note, discovering your niche can be a very frustrating process. For your benefit, I’ve had experiences with both realities. In my journey of discovering my niche here are steps you need to take:  

1.      Pursue your gift over your passion.

 You may be thinking to yourself, “What does he mean pursue my gift over my passion.” Let me make it plain for you. Have you ever watched American Idol during their open auditions? Everyone that comes to the open auditions are passionate about singing, but as we all soon discover, most who audition can’t sing. Don’t be that person! For me, I’m gifted at teaching, and speaking. My passion has always been to help people find solutions. For a while I wanted to be a counselor, then that changed to be a preacher, and now I’m a Keynote Speaker and Personal Development coach for aspiring and current leaders and entrepreneurs.  That’s my niche! I got there by firstly realizing I’m gifted in speaking and teaching. What’s your gift(s), if you don’t know them your homework is to find them ASAP. That’s going to prepare you for step 2.

 2.   Use your passion to find your target audience or market.

 Once you find your gift now it’s time to focus on your passion. Let’s pause right there, I’m about to make a statement that I hope reforms your thinking. Here it goes, “Make your gifts your passion.” I’ll say that again, “Make your gifts your passion.” Even though I’m passionate about people, I am extremely passionate about fine tuning my speaking and teaching abilities. Why? Because if I suck as a speaker and teacher, people won’t listen to what I have to say,and if they don’t listen to what I have to say they won’t hire me. That means my money is getting messed with, and that’s never good. So fall in love with your gifts so they can make a living for you and take you places.

3. Don’t put all your eggs in one basket.

Ok, now this last step is what I call your reset button. Always have an exit route for whatever occupation you’re doing. Your gifts will create other opportunities for you. For example, I was a pastor. I dedicated 4 years to becoming one. When I finally started pastoring I realized I wasn’t making the impact I would like and felt the strong urge to do more. As a result, I decided to use my gifts to motivate, educated, and empower leaders and entrepreneurs across the world. So, instead of getting depressed because something didn’t work for me, I flipped that into another endeavor. Remember, failure is not a bad thing, it’s a learning tool. If you use it correctly it will make you very successful.

 I hope you found this blog really helpful for you. Please know where ever you are in your stage of growth you can apply these principals. If you haven’t already, please subscribe to my website to receive the latest advice, tips, and resources on jumpstarting your success! Blessings and peace!

Timothy Whitehead