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This topic is very personal to me because I wasn’t blessed to always have good leadership around me even though I knew I was called to lead. I was so desperate for mentorship I would literally plea with church and business leaders to be mentored. I was so thirsty for leadership training that I would question my own self-worth and value to the world. The good news is through that process I learned how to do 3 things well in order get the leadership skills and training I needed without having good leaders around me, here they are:

1.      Learn what not to do from bad leadership.

It’s a frustrating experience when you know you’re destine to do great things as a leader or business owner, but you have a poor mentor. I understand, I been there several times. However, the greatest lesson you can learned from bad leadership is learning how not to lead. If they avoid your phone calls or doesn’t text back, you be the type of leader that answers calls or respond by to text. For most of us we just want a leader that cares about us both in word and in deed. Be a leader that’s intentional about serving and engaging others. Don’t act like a celebrity; just be a leader that’s about helping others grow.


2.      Go to conferences, webinars,and workshops on leadership.

This step has helped me tremendously. To this day I get most of my mentorship and training from conferences, workshops, and webinars. You’ll be surprised at the level of information you can receive from one of these training platforms. My personal favorite is webinars. You can join an online webinar for free or for a fee. Regardless, this is a great platform to learn from an expert on whatever topic you’re interested in. By the way, most webinar hosts are very accessible for you if you have any questions. Woop,Woop!


3.      Use social media to network with others like yourself.

Networking on social media is my favorite thing to do. You’ll be amazed at the benefits of linking up with people who are in the same boat as you. The experiences and information you gather from each other is priceless. As a matter of a fact, many of your questions can be answered by simple dialogue. I would also strongly recommend joining groups on Facebook who share your interest. These groups can be 100 times better than having one-on-one mentorship, especially if your mentor is “too busy for you”. You can easily avoid this heartache by moving on and connecting yourself to people who are interested in both your area of interest and yourself. JUST MOVE ON, TRUST ME!   

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